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Tachi Documentation

This site serves as the documentation for Tachi.

Tachi is a fully-open rhythm game score tracking engine, and is the name of the codebase that powers both Bokutachi and Kamaitachi.


Tachi is fully open. The core is almost exclusively maintained by one person. However, we support nearly twenty games and playtypes now. Said one person cannot reasonably keep up with all the new things coming out in those games.

If you care about a game you play a lot, and want to help out Tachi, there are loads of ways you can contribute and ease the load on the primary maintainer!

Because Tachi is fully open source, if you want a feature, bug-fix, or new content added to your game, you can become a contributor or report to someone who will contribute!

We maintain a comprehensive contribution guide, which is accessible to even people who have never wrote a line of code in their life. If you want to improve Tachi, and maybe even nab some development skills yourself (or look good on a CV!), check it out. I've put a lot of effort into it.

About This Documentation

This is the documentation for all of Tachi. It - like Tachi - is primarily maintained by one person, and as such, some things may be slightly outdated, wrong, or generally just ill-maintained.


If you're confused about anything, ask in your Tachi instance's discord! We have a remarkably helpful community of developers and contributors, who should be able to help you out.

Apologies in advance! If you find a problem in the documentation, you can freely contribute a fix to it. See the Contribution Guide!

User Wiki

This is for end user reference, such as score importing tutorials, documentation on tachi's statistics. It requires no programming knowledge, and is mostly used as a wiki-like reference.

View it here.

Programmer References

These sections are for experienced programmers who want to see documentation on how Tachi's components work internally and externally.

Contributor Reference

If you're looking to contribute to Tachi, check out the Contribution Guide.

API Reference

This is for people who want to make things with Tachi's API, and assumes basic knowledge of APIs and how they work.

View it here.

Codebase Reference

This is for people who want further documentation for Tachi's codebase. This is mainly full of high-level architectural documentation.

View it here.


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